Ticks are becoming a growing concern in the Doncaster Animal Clinic area. Each year we have more and more pet parents bring their furry family members into the clinic with ticks on them.

It was said before that ticks live in areas with lots of grass; this is beginning to be proven wrong, year and year again. Ticks can be found as close as your backyard in Thornhill Ontario. This is shocking to most Thornhill pet owners. Birds and other rodents seem to be the culprit that is bringing these pesky things into your backyard. Birds can have ticks attach to them and when they fly over your home or make a lovely nest near your home; the ticks now have potential to drop off the bird into your backyard.

“It’s not warm enough in Thornhill Ontario for ticks yet….”

Doncaster Animal Clinic staff strongly urge pet parents to not just practice prevention in the heat of the summer. Ticks will become active when it reaches about 4 degrees Celsius, which we all know; it gets above 4 degrees celsius before April 1st. This is why Doncaster Animal Clinic strongly recommends beginning tick prevention April 1st.

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! It’s time for Prevention!

One of the most important jobs that the staff at Doncaster Animal Clinic, Thornhill Ontario, do each day is help our fellow pet parents give their furry family members the very best care possible. The tick prevention methods are growing and we are proud to offer the easiest and best forms of administration. From oral chews every 3 months to monthly topical treatments – we’ve got it all!

Ticks are not a treat – Lets work together to have them beat! 

Doncaster Animal Clinic also wants to advise pet owners to give their pets a daily once-over to check for ticks. It is always better to have them taken off as soon as you find one!

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