A Full-Service Animal Hospital In Thornhill, ON

Our veterinarians provide fear free pet care for dogs and cats across Thornhill, Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill and North York.

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Compassion Matters

When you walk through our doors you are not just getting a veterinary professional, you are getting a partner. Someone who will think proactively about what you and your pet need. Someone who will treat your pet like their very own. Because to us, pet owners are heroes. And we won’t let them, or you, down.

The bond you share

They love you more than their own life.
They live for the moments by your side.
And you want to protect them.
We think that’s a beautiful thing. And that’s why we take our jobs so seriously.
Because that kind of love deserves to be protected and celebrated.
And we won’t let you down.

Whatever you need. Complete veterinary care.

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    Diagnostic Imaging

    We use tools such as digital radiology, dental radiology, and ultrasound to pinpoint the source of any suspected problem. This allows for a faster and more accurate diagnosis, and a more effective treatment plan.

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    Preventative Healthcare

    Preventative care extends, enhances, and sometimes saves lives. It is important to follow a regular preventative care regiment in order to establish a health and behavior baseline, catch any problems as early as possible, and maintain a strategic vaccination and parasite control schedule. For some pets (especially our elderly fur-friends), it is also smart to perform blood screens.

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    Your pet’s oral health is intimately connected to their overall health. By the age of three, most dogs and cats show symptoms of periodontal disease. This causes erosion of the structures that support your pet’s teeth (which is typically painful), and causes harmful bacteria to accumulate. These bacteria can spread through your pet’s bloodstream and damage their vital organs. This is why it’s so important to have a proactive oral health strategy, and why we perform dental cleanings and extractions (when necessary).

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    In cardiology, we monitor and treat your pet’s respiratory and circulatory system. There are several conditions that can affect the health of your pet’s heart, and it’s important to have state-of-the-art diagnostic tools (such as ultrasound) and a highly trained staff to treat them.

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    There are several conditions of the eye that can be painful for your pet, and some can even lead to blindness. It’s important to catch any problems as early as possible so that we can tailor an effective treatment plan for to your dog or cat’s situation.

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    Specialized Surgery

    Our veterinarians are highly trained to perform advanced surgeries, such as orthopedic procedures. This often is needed to correct an injury or congenital condition. When we perform surgery, we maintain extremely high standards in safety and comfort for your pet. Because nothing matters more than getting them back to you safe and healthy.

Live – Love – Thrive

I have been taking my dogs there for over 20 years. Dogs of all sizes. They have always had the most welcoming and attentive vets, assistants and technicians. They go above and beyond to make sure your pets are being taken care of. Can’t say enough good things!!!
Adam Robinson
As a first time pet owner this clinic had me not only be comfortable but also knowledgeable. They are very helpful, professional and reliable. Overall experience was above and beyond. Thank you so much to the staff!
Marianne LA

They are absolutely amazing. The clinic is clean and pet friendly. The staff are so kind. I’m a pet lover and I advise you to use them as your main clinic!

Madeleine Kay

Absolutely wonderful vets here. They always make my large boy feel right at home and are great with handling his puppy exuberance 🙂 I am happy to have them take care of all his needs. Even if they aren’t the closest vets to me I am happy to travel a little bit further as I trust them with the health of my puppy.

Cierra Turner-Bailey

Great experience at this clinic. Staff are very knowledgeable, caring and empathetic. Our boxer puppy loves coming here and always excited to see the staff. We live an hour away from the clinic. We make the effort to come here for all of Missy’s needs. Thanks to all of the staff!

Charlene Denis

Amazing service! We made the hard choice to leave our vet that we’ve been going to for years and I am 100% happy with our choice. They took the time to go over costs with me as having two dogs can cost a lot.

They were so nice and loving towards Marley and Cali, it’s the calmest they’ve ever been at a vet visit. I 100% recommend bringing your pets to Doncaster Animal Clinic.

Sara Jane

A special kind of animal hospital

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Always Growing

To us, it is deeply important that we are constantly getting better at our craft. This means routine CE for team, keeping our finger on the pulse of the latest advances in veterinary medicine, and committing to training and excellence.

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Partner in Pet Care

We believe you deserve a true partner in the care of your pet. To us, you are not only a friend, but an invaluable resource in learning about your pet’s history, anything you’ve noticed, and any potential concerns you have.

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Fear Free

We believe every visit to your vet should be fear free. Not only because your pet’s emotional health matters, but because heightened stress levels can actually make it more difficult to accurately diagnose your pet.